Doggie Tail Ending

Doggie Tail Endings
We all LOVE a HAPPY ending, and in the RESCUE world. We call them doggie tail endings. When our rescues find their FUR EVER homes it's an AMAZING FEELING.  It's WORTH EVERYTHING we do.  



DEAF Stewie FOUND roaming streets in Miami-ADOPTED

Thomas (Bruno) and Jackson ADOPTED
Rella, LCAS rescue-ADOPTED

Asher and Alena-Adopted

Mama Bailey-ADOPTED


Lady HW+ came with her babies-dopted

Bailey rescue from LA shelter-Adopted

Lola-Rescue from LA shelter-Adopted

Capone-Rescued from LA shelter-Adopted

Thumber/Bambi rescue from LA Shelter-Adopted 


Reesie- Miami Dade Shelter Survivor
Mombo and Rumba Adopted
Saddie and Stewie still AVAILABLE

Belle-brought to our rescue is the worst conditions
Ruby-Found on the streets-Fractured hip
Missing dog found in WV-reunited with family
Blue-Shelter survivor
Rudy-Shelter survivor
Chi-Pravo puppy that was thrown out
Sunshine-Rescued from the streets in horrible condition
Hazel-Found on the streets
Lou Lou-Owner surrender
Dakota-Owner surrender
Aly-Owner surrender
Rescue Ranger-Found on the streets in horrible condition

Sarg-Found on the streets
Lilly-Pravo puppy-dumped
Bear-Owner surrender
Beauty-owner surrender at the age of 12
Brooklyn-lived in a cage outside with no one, and nothing

Maggie-owner surrender

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